May 2005

So I am back, and by back I mean I’m in Ohio again. The trip to the Shenandoahs was amazing. Lots and lots of sims, which included me getting hypothermic, hypoglycemic, impaled with a stick, homesick, offended by my co- leader’s extravagant lifestyle, rambunctious, ASR, slower at hiking because I “didn’t realize my pack had a hip belt,” and a broken ankle. Good times. The “real” weather was not great, but not terrible either, mostly raining and cold, but one day of pretty constant sun.

I should know more about plans in early June. Which is good, since I think Princeton would appreciate me having it figured out by then, since after June 30th it looks like things get harder.

I did not get any comments under the last post with any exciting news developments. All of you, and by that I mean both of you, failed miserably. Unless, of course, nothing exciting happened over the past week. In which case you’re off the hook.