Crossing The Streams

January 2011

For this week’s mini-hackathon I decided to do a bit of work on the landing page for It’s now displaying post excerpts, images, updates, and bookmarks there; it’s kind of a stripped-down, minimalist tumblr, minus the hipster theme. Hopefully this will encourage me to make it a bit less text-heavy.

Good progress this week on the main project as well. The core classes of the code base are really becoming robust and well tested. I finally hooked up autotest + growl notifications, which can be downright Pavlovian in their ability to make you want to get your test suite back to green.

Here’s the github punchcard for the project. Sunday/Monday and Thursday are big commit days; this makes intuitive sense as I usually find myself thinking about things over weekends and during the middle of the week, and then implementing after that, hence the concentration on Monday afternoons. Kind of neat.