Frist Filibuster

April 2005

Over the past 54 hours, there has been a filibuster going on at the Frist Campus Center to protest Bill Frist threatening to use the nuclear option to take away the filibuster for judicial nominees. The website with updates is here; the live webcam is here.

My understanding is that the plan is to go for as long as people are willing to read. This could be a very long time since classes are over this week. I am interested to see the interaction at about 2 AM tonight between the protestor(s) (hopefully plural) and the revelers staggering home, as the protest is right on the way back from the parties…

Just listening to students walking by, the protest is certainly getting talked about. In addition to just what I’ve been hearing, there have been two articles in the Daily Princetonian, and a mention on CNN’s “Inside the Blogs” (see above sites for links). However, it’s a little disconcerting that a lot of the comments I have heard have been along the lines of “What are they protesting?” or “So are they for or against the filibuster?” I don’t really think that it’s all that important what the initial reaction is-just that there is a reaction and that people are finding out about what is going on here.

I could see this thing easily going for a really extended period of time. As in weeks.