April 2005

Attention, Clevleand Plain Dealer:

Before you publish letters like this, can you at least demand some sort of coherent argument from the writer? This is a quote: “Don’t even think about asserting that [global warming is] a direct result of me driving my SUV 12,000 miles a year.”

That’s how the writer ends the letter. Were you going to tell us why we’re not allowed to assert that, Carl? Or just leave it where it stands, which is an unfounded and misinformed reaction to the fact that Cleveland is under a foot of snow right now. If this writer had actually read some predictions about the subject, he would know that increased variability in weather (and thus, snowfall on April 25th) is a possible side effect of global warming. Climate change will affect all parts of the world differently as weather patterns change and become more variable. Maybe the solution to convincing people like this is to let them know that parts of the world (Cleveland) might get colder and snowier, probably the last thing that Carl wants.