May 2005

After finishing up with “stormchasing” this summer in Baltimore, I am still trying to figure out what to do afterwards. At this point, of course, I have completed registration, housing, etc. as though I were coming back to school as a junior, but I am also seriously contemplating taking a year off. (I have been for a couple of weeks now; see parts one, two, and three.)

The primary target as far as what I’d be doing has thus far been Engineers Without Borders. I’ve been emailing with some people for them and if I did this it looks like I would wind up working on projects in either Macedonia or India. This would be great. The only thing is I don’t know if it would last the whole nine or twelve months that I would be off of school. I suppose I could say I’ll start in September and work as long as possible and figure out the rest when I figure it out. Figuring out if I would have living expenses covered is another huge question.

Doing something in the States would also be interesting as well. I am keeping an ear to the ground for anything that might seem interesting; however, this is serving to convince me that maybe I should plan to do this after junior year and spend the whole year feeling out opportunities until something really cool comes along. After all, I will most likely only take one year off, so it hypothetically really wouldn’t matter when I did it.