Stephen Colbert at the National Portrait Gallery

February 2008

Last night around 6:15 a coworker and I were feeling spontaneous, so we decided to go to the National Portrait Gallery and see Stephen Colbert’s portrait. There was a bit of traffic so we got there at about 6:55 - the Gallery closes at 7:00. The conversation with the woman at the front desk went something like:

Woman: “You know we’re closing in five minutes, right?”

Me: “Right – we just want to see Stephen Colbert”

Woman: (rolling not just her eyes, but her entire head). “How did I know. I don’t even have to ask anymore. Go through the courtyard, up the stairs on your right. He’s by the bathroom.”

Me: “Thank you!”

I feel honored to have seen this national treasure before it is removed on April 1st. And to have used the bathroom that it stands beside.