The Tory

May 2005

Is it me or is The Tory getting less offensive? Even a better publication perhaps? Ira Leeds’ opening letter speaks of the Socratic method in high regard and makes legitimate points about academic debate. They publish a poignant letter to the editor even though it rants about their Rant (and whose author I agree with and whose point I take a step further: he says that there is a glimmer of good in the pages past the Rant; I would say that in this issue the glimmer is becoming a light). Follow that up with an article about tax reform, a Wilsonian world view, and some necessary concerns about PCAIR, and you’ve got some quality on your hands. The problem is that most people have already made up their minds about the content coming from the Tory and will probably pitch it with exams approaching. I would read it. You can get it online too if it doesn’t come to your mailbox.