June 2005

I am moved in to the apartment in Baltimore, and for the most part pretty settled. Two full days of work under the belt, as well as a little bit this morning to take some rain gages from the day before, when we got a good deal of rain. The summer looks like it will be very fun, very productive, and very intense. Definitely getting the feeling of drinking from the firehose. Sometimes this is tangible. We’ve been taking direct discharge measurements in a number of tributaries in the Dead Run watershed just outside Baltimore, with the aid of some velocity measuring equipment, river waders, and waterproof paper, which is possibly the greatest invention ever (I don’t know how people did field work without it.) The watershed is notorious for how fast it turns rainwater into discharge, since it is such a developed watershed and has some unique topography to boot. The apartment is very nice, very spacious, would probably be an 8-person suite if it were a Princeton dorm. Plus it is carpeted, which I don’t think we have in any dorm at school. Very cool.

On the list of things to do: letters to lots of people. Visit to a cousin near JHU in Baltimore. Possibly an Orioles game. We’ll see…