Ron Paul on The Tonight Show

Everyone should watch this. There isn’t a single thing he says that isn’t 100% correct.

On marriage:

My position on marriage is that the government ought to just stay out of it totally and completely and stop arguing about it.

On taxes:

“Sometimes people complain, you know, ‘the lower half don’t pay taxes, what are we going to do about it’, and I say ‘we’re halfway there!’”

“What would our main source of revenue be [if not income tax]?”

“Where it came from before 1913.”

“If the people want us to be the policemen of the world and have welfare from cradle to grave, then no, you can’t get rid of taxation and we’ll continue on until we’re totally bankrupt and our currency fails. But if you want a Constitutional government you really don’t have to have an income tax.”

On foreign aid:

How much of it should be cut?

All of it […] Foreign aid takes money from poor people in this country and gives it to rich people in other countries.

Side note: Jay Leno’s explanation of our relationship with Israel - “we don’t like to see the little guy get picked on” was unintentionally hilarious.

On Mitt Romney:

“He used to be governor of Massachusetts.”

“Right, very good, that’s like a Rick Perry answer.”

“Well maybe that’s what he should stay, is governor of Massachusetts.”